Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have wings, Fly high!

My youngest has a grouping of butterflies, a dragonfly and a fairy in the corner of her bedroom that she just loves. Lately, she's become very interested in having wings and flying high up to the clouds. Since her butterflies weren't in the clouds, we decided to add some!

To do the same, you'll need about 3 yards of tulle. We used two different colors (blue and white), so we used 6 total yards of tulle. I cut the width of tulle in half, since off the bolt it's too wide and put the two different colors together. To attach the tulle clouds to the ceiling I just used white push pins. Every 12" to 18" I'd add another pin, and I just continued around. To make it easier, you could cut your tulle into a couple of different sections (like 1.5" yard lengths). After you've got the tulle up all you have to do is fluff!

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