Sunday, December 28, 2008

Angel Wipe Case

I had a request on my Etsy store for a wipe case and matching diaper clutch. The request was that the clutch be in some kind of gingham and that the wipe case have an angel on it. This is the finished product. I'm loving the wipe case design and I had lots of fun finding the perfect gender-neutral gingham print!


mean mom productions said...

Oh how cute. This would have been something I purchased when my kiddos where babies. Very cutie!

Anonymous said...

This was very cute. May I ask how you made this? Was it painted?

Turtle Taylor said...

Thanks! Yes, it's painted. I've seen some that use paint pens or stickers and decals, but that's not what I do. I've figured out a way to use acrylic paint on them and paint them all by hand. It's actually quite durable!