Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little Blue Rocking Chair

My nephew just turned one. I think it's hard to do gifts for kiddos so little since it seems like so many of the toys are virtually the same thing (at least in my eyes). I wanted to do something other than just a toy, anyway.

My girls both have little rocking chairs and they are quite fond of them. Most of the time, anyway. They get drug out for TV watching, have blankets thrown over the top for a little makeshift fort, and are used for time-outs (this would be the time that they don't like them so much!)

Since they enjoy their chairs so much, I figured I'd make one for Dillon, too. Taylor got her chair as a gift and I made Megan's to match. (Actually, I tried to buy her one from the same store that Taylor's came from, but it was defunct, so I was forced to be crafty!). So, off to Michael's I headed. They always have these little rocking chairs in their unfinished wood section, and with a 40% off coupon it's a good deal!

I sanded it so it was smooth, and then painted it with paint from those little sample paint pods home improvement stores carry now. (You know, the little containers that let you test the color on the wall before you commit to a gallon. Those little 4 oz containers are perfect for projects like this and are only about $4!) Once the paint was dry, I sanded the edges again to give it a distressed look. A quick coat of sealer gave it a bit of a shine. The vinyl letters I cut out on my Cricut machine (oh, how I love it!).

Voila! One cute chair!

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