Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pumpkin Pillows!

Last year at one of my favorite home decor boutiques I bought the most adorable pumpkin pillow. I loved it! This year, I wanted more than the one, but the $25 price tag (for the small one) stopped me short! Mine turned out just as cute, and I did the whole bunch for about $15.

What you need:
  • Fabric for the body of the pumpkin - I used home decor fabric remnants that I got for super cheap at the fabric and craft store. I used a half yard cut for the largest pumpkin, the smallest was about a quarter yard.
  • Fabric for the pumpkin stem - small scraps work great for this
  • Fiber-fill
  • Fabric scraps for bean bag - color doesn't matter
  • Rice or beans - for the bean bag
  • Coordinating fabric or ribbon for the bows around the stem

Here's what you do:

  • Cut two squares out of your body fabric roughly the size you'll want your finished pillow to be. The sides don't have to be straight, so just make a rough square shape.
  • To create the pleat, find the center of your square by folding it in half and marking it with a straight pin. Now, make an accordion fold on the left side, making sure the folded edge hits your center. Pin in place.

  • Do the same on the right side. You'll end up with something that looks like this:

  • Stitch over the pleat to hold it in place. Repeat the process on the second square of body fabric. Set aside.

  • Out of a coordinating fabric, create your stem. I cut my stems approximately 3" wide by 4" long. With the right sides together, sew around three sides of the stem, leaving the bottom open.

  • Turn the stem right side out and stuff with fiber-fill.
  • Take one square of your body fabric and place it on your work area, right side up. Pin your stem to the body fabric and then place the second body piece and place it on top (right sides together). Pin in place.

  • Leaving an opening at the bottom, sew the 3 pieces together. Stitch in a rough pumpkin (oval or circular shape). You'll have something that looks like this:

  • Trim the excess fabric:

  • Turn your pumpkin right side out. Stuff with fiber-fill and set aside.
  • To help the pumpkins stand, you'll need to create a bean bag. Taking your fabric scraps, cut a rectangle or a square that is slightly smaller than the length of your finished pumpkin. Leaving an opening to fill it, sew around the edges.

  • Fill with rice or beans and then sew the opening shut.
  • Place bean bag inside the pumpkin and hand stitch the opening shut.
  • For the bows around the stems I took a length of fabric about 3" wide and sewed down the long end. Once sewn, I turned it inside out and then sewed the two ends closed, making a long ribbon out of the fabric. Of course, a cute ribbon would work just as well!

Enjoy creating your very own pumpkin patch!


Anonymous said...

You! You are one smart cookie! Very cute idea.

arkie said...

Good instructions! I like using burlap for the stems. Looks good1

Team Thompson said...

too cute! Love the pumpkins!