Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Megan's New Favorite Blanket

A couple of months ago I posted about the quilt that I had made for Taylor to replace the lovie she'd left at a hotel. While I was making hers, I came across this fabric that just screamed Megan to me, so I made her one, too. See, ladybugs were on the bag that they gave me at the hospital just after I had Megan, so I always associate ladybugs with her. Plus, the blue and the red were just too cute and cheerful!

I cut out a large heart to stitch on the front with a big letter "M" made out of Minky, so she'll always know how much I love Megan! The front is all cotton quilt fabric, the back is red Minky fabric that is so soft and cuddly!


The Empty Envelope said...

Absolutely darling! Love the colors and ladybugs!

wholarmor said...

Beautiful! Bet she really loves it!

Anonymous said...

Adorable blanket! Perfect for a girl. I love the colors and ladybugs are a favorite or mine anytime.