Friday, June 5, 2009

Little Potty Woes

This little potty has been a source of excitement and a source of disappointment! Megan was oh, so thrilled about getting this potty of her own. At first, she used it as a chair and sat on it (fully clothed) to watch TV. A couple of months later she was using it for it's intended purpose. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! She'd refuse to go on a big potty - she just wanted her potty. She was doing so well - and enjoying her picks from our "potty prize basket". And then it all stopped.
Now the little potty has a layer of dust on it. Potty training has come to a screeching halt. Until yesterday, that is. Usually, Megan will tell me she's gone potty on the potty because she gets enjoyment out of mom jumping up and down, hollering "yea!" and doing the "potty in the potty dance". (Thankfully, there is no video or photographic evidence of this). Yesterday, she went potty in the potty (yea!), but didn't say a word.
Now you are asking "How do you know she went potty in the potty?", right? Funny story, that. See, the little potty is directly in front of the big potty. I had to go, so I walked over to the big potty and stepped right in a large puddle. Not totally unusual - the girls like to play in the bathroom sinks (I don't condone this, BTW). I had a bad feeling about this puddle. Still, Megan knows that we rinse out the little potty holder after we use it, so she could have just spilled a bit of the clean(er) water when she was putting the holder back. I was holding onto that belief until I noticed that the puddle wasn't really clear.
Apparently, she went potty on the potty and wanted to dump the holder herself. But she spilled it. She didn't want to get into trouble, so she didn't tell me she went potty on the potty and left the little potty sitting in a puddle. A puddle that I would step in with my bare feet later that day.
Potty training - fun times, fun times!


Lisa said...

We're going through potty training ourselves and I got a lot of laughs out of this post! Good luck!

Turtle Taylor said...

I'm glad I made you laugh! I laughed too - later! :)
Good luck with the potty training, because if your kiddo is anything like mine - you'll need it! :)