Thursday, July 16, 2009


No, not for me. Though, it's a possibility sometime in the future. The distant future. The really distant future. The really, really distant future. Let's leave it at that, mkay? :)

I liked the last template that I was using, and apparently lots of other bloggers like it, too! In my blog browsing I came across that particular template a lot. Free stuff is good because it's free, but it's bad because it's free, know what I mean? I'd been wanting to make some updates here, so when I came across the old template for the 364th time, I finally got motivated.

I've still got a free background (because, well, I'm cheap - err, frugal), from a super cute site that has some great tutorials for the technically un-savvy like moi. Check it out - linky on the way upper left corner. The new header and buttons I bought as a kit and then customized. So there you have it, a new, fabulous blog! You like?


~BridgetL~ said...

I think your blog looks really cute.

Turtle Taylor said...

Thank you! :)