Monday, July 13, 2009

Super Cute Onesie!

A long time ago, I bought a package of plain white onesies, intending on making something cute out of them to add to my pile of goodies that I take to craft shows. It's now years later (seriously, years!) and I was cleaning out my craft closet and came across the onesies. I found out about a gathering foot for my sewing machine on a sewing blog I stumbled across (and can't remember what it is!), so off to Joann's I went thinking this package of onesies would be perfect to try it out on.

I get my gathering foot home and attach it to my machine. I'm thinking that it will "ruffle" the fabric as I sew it. That didn't happen. It just created a stitch down the middle of the fabric strip. Hmmm. Not what I thought I'd get when I read about it and read the instructions that came with the foot. I tugged on one of the threads and it created a gather, so I just went with that. I'm thinking a trip to Joann's is in my near future so I can get one of the gals in the sewing machine department to demonstrate how this foot is actually supposed to work, because I'm fairly certain I didn't do something right (not like that would be a first, or anything!).
Now that I've got my cute ruffles in red and white polka dots and black and white polka dots, I sewed them to the fanny of the onesie. Cute!
The front was obviously too plain and I debated about doing an applique on this one, but decided a bit of bling was in order. So, I used my Minnie Mouse pattern that I used for the T-shirts I made for our Disneyland trip for a cute rhinestone Minnie design.
I think this turned out so cute! Makes me (almost) wish I had one small enough to fit into onesies again! Hubby won't go for that, so maybe I can just finagle another Disneyland trip out of him, instead. Wishful thinking and all that. :)

Since I've still got a handful of onesies left, I'm going to keep experimenting with my gathering foot and see what else I can come up with. I think I will try an applique on the next one. Maybe I'll go for broke and do an applique with rhinestones!

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Team Thompson said...

You SOOOOOOO make me want to have a girl. :)