Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm in party planning stages since Taylor's birthday is right around the corner. Her invitations are done and in the mail. I'm currently working on party favors and decorations. That just leaves the cake. The party is soon enough that I need to start getting my game plan together. As I was searching for inspiration, I came across the cake I made for Taylor's 4th birthday.

The theme she picked for her 4th birthday was Princesses, so we had a princess cake (in Cinderella blue, no less). I was fresh out of my very first cake decorating class and decided that I'd make her cake myself. It's not too bad, considering, but I'm much better at cake decorating now. (No, really! :)

I can see the flaws in it, but then, I'm a total perfectionist. All that matters in the end, though, is that Taylor thought it was perfect!

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